Some great Sunday reading, highly recommend it to any musicians, music lovers, tech people, venture capitalists, or other human types:

TONIGHT is my boy William Flynn aka Sleepers Work’s album release party at Bossa Nova Civic Club!!! I’m going to rock the tune with him on which I’m featured on the album. It’s going to be dope, come hang, and buy the album today, it sounds amaaaaaaaazzzzzzzing!!!! 


New track: “The Dark Shine of an 80s Pink Corvette”

A chill track from last year, made early on in the new DeSoto Sound Factory, featuring Jeff Miles on guitar.

Great way for you to wake up: myself on clarinet and the homie Carlos Homs doing the rest.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

This is TONIGHT!!!! Playing with Sleepers Work at Manhattan Inn!

Playing live with a pedal for the first time ever. Come find out which one… 

Jackson Charles Bok Kim Silberman, aka my baby bro:

Jackson Charles Bok Kim Silberman, aka my baby bro:

Didn’t know there was video from this show! Fun one.  We’re playing March 3rd at Manhattan Inn.

Love this! Get the record next month!

Enlightenment Channel: Peter Ralston speaking on ontology, being, self, conciousness, creation, et al.  Highly recommend it for anyone seeking something more real, true, transformative.