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Without getting political, I think we can all agree that 9/11 was a tragic day for many reasons.  I happened to be there, a few blocks away from the WTC, and lived there for 9 months afterward, so it still is a very visceral memory, and something I will always remember.

Eleven years later, I released my first album as a leader.  I partially chose that day because I wanted to put something positive into the world on the same date.  As we are in many ways the sum total of our experiences, the music on that album is in some part reflective of going through that experience.  It wouldn’t sound the same had I not.  

So two years later, here is that album, “Questionable Creatures.” I hope the music brings you some joy, or affects you in some way.  It was an unforgettable experience to make.


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Your Sunday listening: “sense of space” [EP] from DeSoto.


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"sense of space,"



TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW!!!!"sense of space" comes out!!! So happy to share this new music with all of you!!!


"sense of space" comes out!!! So happy to share this new music with all of you!!!

War is always unsettling and horrific, but something about this news today turns my stomach more than usual. I hope peace can be achieved and a two-state solution can be agreed to. All people deserve dignity and respect. The differences between Palestinian and Israeli, Muslim and Jewish, are just conceptual, invented by our minds. In reality, we’re all just human beings on earth.


Some shots from the first short film from DeSoto Picture Company, “Allergic to Flowers,” starring Sophie Simpson and Nick Clark, directed by Taichi Erskine and written by Daniel Sukara, currently in post-production.

Coming soon to a film festival near you!!!